Outsourcing - a strategy NOT just for big businesses

Even though many small companies have their, business family, in the sense of payrolled employees...

Successful entrepreneurs see in adversities, possibilities...and these past, present and near future days, have brought and will bring to the business market - a lot of adversities; as it always has. This is why a large percentage of entrepreneurs or freelancers are ‘forced’ ones, their choice was made due to unemployment, I add myself to the list.

Therefore beginnings are even harsher, if that’s possible, but these issues that have to be tackled with very little cash-flow and low profits. At least, are aided by the social media ‘revolution’ and we are the first generation of users, of a tool, that has connected the world in many ways and with very little or even zero costs for the user.

HOW? Internet and now the social media, have developed, to offer the user, through their sites/platforms, the tools of communicating and sharing. Creating the ability of networking with the whole world, at the commodity of your home, swimming pool, office, park or you name it…


Even though many small companies have their, ‘business family’, in the sense of payrolled employees, and try their best to never be forced to outsource work - it does take a toll on all the team on the long run.

The main reasons for NOT seeking, professional temporary freelancers is due to the costs it may cause on the final monthly budget and because we firmly believe that no one can perform the job like us or our team.

Basic reasons for NOT outsourcing


Considering these two basic issues, transporting these, to our business and evaluating the reasons why we don’t outsource… Are your reasons also due to such impediments?

Over budget costs - is an issue that can be tackled by using online hiring sites, where you can find all types of prices, ways of payment and professionals. In developing countries, you can hire for less than a $ per hour, in contrast, if you hire in developed countries, prices will rise, averaging $10-15 per hour, in some cases considerably more. There are many reliable platforms that can aid your search and your budget won’t be excessively rocketed, because most of these sites charge a very little amount or none at all to register.

Online hiring sites - eLance - Free, more identity info required to fully register, oDesk - Free, acquire Applications by fully registering and tests, Linkedin - Free to register, to upgrade you have to pay.

Acquired skills - it’s understandable that one might believe that it is easier to do it on ones own because if not, in the end, you’ll have to finish the job/task properly. This way of thinking is very safe, but it can also lead to restraining your business to a certain area or quality, because there is simply not enough hours to go around. But with millions of professional users in the internet, searching for jobs, taking the time to access online hiring sites, isn’t a crazy and time wasting thing to do.

There are many skilled professionals, that you’ll never have to meet, physically and she/he can be the perfect, lawyer, writer, designer or secretary for a specific job. That in the long run can benefit both parties.

If you’re outsourcing it means the business is growing or at least that’s the impression partners or the competition will perceive. Doing a new business deal and accomplishing it via freelancers and the core team can lead to a great and prosperous future for both parties.

Both benefit - gaining a share in such a huge business pie, can mean that profits rise but it also assures you that the freelancer you hire, will produce the best out of him, because as your business, he is also exposed to the whole community.

TIP: For outsourcing secretarial, mail handling or telephone answering tasks, study the possibility of modern business centres/serviced offices near you or a targeted country you are planning to expand to. They provide interesting packages for international business, startups and entrepreneurs. Charging your business for the time spent and/or the products used!    

Creating the network

Once you’ve decided what to outsource, this aspect is individual to every business. Although, one should try to outsource aspects of your business, that aren’t actual actives, contributing towards high level operations - essentially, in the process of creation of: projects, meetings, brainstorming of new ideas, motivation for you and your team...this is just a personal observation.

To the point, once your network has started to work, the process won’t be simple, not just, because there will most certainly be misunderstandings, between you and the freelancer. Being open to the world also means, arranging your working hours, around a world clock. Depending on the freelancer’s spot in the world, the hours can be an issue and in some cases the language too. Prevailing can be equivalent to an array of exciting ideas being transformed into reality by a worldwide network.    

A good way to avoid misunderstandings and thus double issues, because of the time differences, is to spend some time studying mistakes in previous projects. To better the communication and gain trust, efficiency and reliability in search of having the perfect workflow. A good example could be: when asking for a task today and knowing that tomorrow you’ll have it finished first thing in the morning. Not because it can’t be done during the day and the employee, will have to work all night to finish it; but due to the difference in hours your freelance contractor,  whom you hired to do the task, has. This a great sensations, that can be achieved when trust, efficiency and reliability are an important part of the learning procedure.

Clear instructions in your guidelines - if necessary and economically viable search for professional guidance

Post budgeted salaries - depending on world zone and realistic, don’t contract a professional for $60/hr when you can pay max 40/hr

Try to create from the beginning clear contracts, where your expectations presented, lead to no confusions that can jeopardise the deadline of the task posted. Most of the times the problem comes from the contractor’s set of instructions, rather than from the actual freelancer.

Giving this issue the time necessary is essential to outsource or else you’ll be micromanaging you’re subcontractors. Losing the purpose of outsourcing in the first place...SAVING TIME!! Be realistic and start with tasks you feel comfortable leaving to third parties for completion. Know that in most cases by paying more, the services provided will be of much better quality. Important too is the way you handle the situation, if you feel it’s too much, it’s maybe a good idea to delegate to an employee. Giving you total freedom to...you tell me.  

Nowadays outsourcing is more a mindset than an economical issue, opening many doors to which you can have access to, by bending and stretching, NOT your budget but your mind and working ways. Flexibility is key!

OBSERVATION - The most important aspect in your business is the product and/or service the business offers to the clients. Be sure to analyse and test your product and/or service before you venture into these tools and do the same with this media tools by means of an internet course or if you haven’t got the time, search for trusted writers in the net that post on your business niche. The internet and the social media can become a never-ending process, where no progress is achieved and many hours can be wasted without significant results.  

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